2015 Annual Report

 It has past 16 months since Freedom Research Association has been established on August 15, 2014. 2015 was first of the long years ahead of us. FRA was founded by a group of “intellectual entrepreneurs” - academics, journalists and business people – to achieve FRA’s foremost vision of “free and a prosperous” Turkey. FRA is committed to providing ideas which will help create the right policies in Turkey.

Sadly, 2015 witnessed a series of events which proved the need for an intellectual organization such as FRA to exist. Liberties at one scale and the security politics in the other, the balance has shifted mostly in defiance of individual liberties, particularly after Gezi Park protests on June 2013. After June 7th elections last year, the Turkish-Kurdish peace process has been broken down and the sides have wasted no time to go back to the battlefield. Escalating aggression and chaos have quickly led many previously liberal politicians, journalists and scholars to be wrapped with raison d’etat politics. Deterioration of liberties has been noted by several international indexes. Turkey has been ranked 80th in the Rule of Law indexes, a worrying fall from 59th in 2014. In Economic Freedom of the World Index, Turkey ranked down from 73rd to 82nd place, mostly due to the deterioration of the rule of law. RSF( Reporters Without Borders) ranked Turkey 149th out of 180 countries. It is possible to mention other credited international studies, but this must suffice to present the country’s recent deterioration in different grounds.

In FRA, we are determined to keep working to defend liberties in Turkey to the utmost of our ability in 2016. We need your support to keep up the flag of liberty in our country. We can’t lift the load of liberty alone. As Canadian fiction writer Guy Gavriel Kaves has once written: “A hand fought best when it made a fist”. I sincerely hope you to join us in our good fight to defend liberties in Turkey and wish you a great 2016.

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FRA is a public policy research organization dedicated to liberty, rule of law and competitive free markets. FRA conducts policy research and promotes evidence-based policy making in Turkey

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